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    General & Legal Informations

    aooand™ is a tool, available also for both Android™ and IOS™, that allows the user to always receive notifications as soon as a new video is published on YouTube™ channels that the user follows. In addition, the user will receive messages directly from YouTubers followed by the user, and he can make donations directly through the tool, participate in surveys proposed by YouTubers he follows.
    All content of aooand™ is the intellectual property of aooand S.r.l., therefore you may not copy, modify, reporduce, entirely or partially, without express written autorizathion of aooand S.r.l., an Italian company, VAT 08071760725, settled in Monopoli (BA) at via Roma, n. 164.
    This version of aooand™ is a beta test, please help us in improving this tool thought for you!

    No guarantee of results

    aooand™ is directly connected with YouTube™, through your Google™ account according to their policies.
    aooand™ is not affiliated with Google™ or YouTube™ and the tool is provately owned and made available for the users. The use of aooand™ is for entertainment and to be connected, always, please do not use for any other purpose. aooand™ dosen’t monitor, control or approve contents, messages, surveys, and in general all the activities of the users by using the tool.
    aooand™ does all the best in order to provide to their users a new experience in using YouTube™.
    Anyway, aooand does not promise or guaranty: (i) that the user will be notified or that the tool will always work as the user wish; (ii) that user will achieve the outcome the user seek from use of the tool; (ii) any particular result and any specific outcome.