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  • Stay connected to your favorite YouTube™ channels without missing a notification of a new video has been uploaded

    Do you have a YouTube™ channel?

    Discover the additional advantages to not lose your followers and keep them up to date on the activities of your channel

    • All your followers connected to aooand always receive notification of your new video as soon as you post on YouTube™

    • Send messages to your followers to give him an appointment for your next live streaming or simply to communicate with them

    • Create a survey and make your followers choose the topic of your next video

    • Receive donations from your followers, discover the top supporters of your channel

    Available For Free

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    Frequently asked questions

    1.1 What is aooand?

    aooand is an app available for both Android™ and IOS™ that allows you to always receive notifications as soon as a new video is published on channels that you follow. In addition, you'll receive messages from YouTubers you follow, you can make donations directly through the app and you can participate in surveys proposed by YouTubers you follow.

    1.2 How do I activate aooand?

    Signing up is very easy and it's free: you can also download the app and simply connect with your Google™ account and all of the channels you follow will automatically be uploaded. You will then begin receiving notifications for all new videos, messages, surveys, etc..

    1.3 How do I unsubscribe from aooand?

    You can choose to unsubscribe from aooand at any time. Simply uninstall the app without compromising in any way your subscription to YouTube™.

    1.4 Where I find the terms of use and privacy policy?

    In the account page you will find the link to the conditions of use and privacy policy, available also on aooand web site.

    2.1 Is aooand free?

    Yes, you can download the app, available for both Android™ and IOS™, and use this service free of charge. You can also use the desktop version.

    2.2 Do I need to have a YouTube™ channel to register for aooand?

    No, it is enough that you follow YouTube™ channels. You will always be connected to those channels and you will receive notifications, so you will always be promptly updated of the activities on your favorite channels: publishing a new video, a new message, a new survey from a Youtuber you follow.

    2.3 Should I indicate from which channels I want to receive notifications?

    No, through your Google™ account, you will see directly the channels that you follow. You can decide at any time to stop receiving notifications from any channel and you can choose in which way you want to receive notifications.

    2.4 Can I choose to stop receiving notifications from a channel?

    Certainly. You can choose to stop notifications from a channel that you follow. You can reactivate notifications easily at any time.

    2.5 If I choose to not receive notifications from a channel on aooand, will the channel subscription on YouTube™ be automatically lost?

    No, when you choose to stop notifications by aooand you continue to follow the YouTube™ channel.

    2.6 Can I choose to stop sound alerts when I receive a new notification?

    Certainly. You can choose to only receive text notices without sounds.

    2.7 Thanks to aooand will I never miss a notification as soon as a new video is published to a YouTube™ channel that I follow?

    Correct. The purpose of aooand is exactly to guarantee that you are always connected with the activity of your favorite YouTube™ channels, so you do not miss a thing.

    2.8 Can I leave a comment or put an emoji to a messagge sent by my favourite YouTuber?

    Of Course, you can do it directly on aooand, at the moment you can not comment or put Like to the video, available directly on YouTube™.

    2.9 How can I contact a YouTuber?

    You can contact your favourite YouTuber leaving a message with the donation at the donations page.

    3.1 What are messages on aooand and what they do?

    The YouTuber can create a text message that is sent to all his followers connected to aooand. In the message, you can also insert an image and link to an external site app. The followers can comment and put an emoji to the message and reply to the comments.

    3.2 How can I send a message to my followers?

    Sending the message is simple via the “send message button”. You need to be a YouTuber with Additional Services activated to send a message.

    3.3 Can I insert a picture and a link to an external site in the message?

    Yes, you can insert a picture and a link to an external page, for example, to sponsor a product or to give appointment on a site on which the YouTuber will be live.

    3.4 What are surveys?

    Surveys allow YouTubers to interact with their followers on aooand. Through a survey, for example, YouTubers could ask for their fans preference for the next video.

    3.5 I’m a YouTuber, how can I join for free to aooand beta?

    All YouTubers with at least one channel and 50.000 followers can join aooand beta for free.

    3.6 Uploading new videos on YouTube™, aooand send automatically a notification to my followers on aooand?

    Yes, after your new video is uploaded on YouTube™, aooand will immediately notify your followers connected to aooand.

    4.1 What are donations to YouTubers?

    On aooand the follower can make a donation directly to his favourite YouTuber to demonstrate an appreciation of their videos. By donating the follower can write a public text that the YouTuber will receive and reply.

    4.2 How can I make a donation to a YouTuber? Is there a minimum amount? Can I donate any amount?

    You will find a specific button above the video, message and survey to make the donation. There is no minimum amount and you can freely choose the amount you wish to give. By donating you will able to rise the supporter ranking of Top Supporter of the channel.

    4.3 What is the ranking of the Top Supporter of the channel?

    Every donation you will do to a channel will be counted for the ranking of the Top Supporter of the channel. In this way, all followers, including YouTuber, will see the update of the list of Top Supporter of the channel.

    4.4 What are the accepted payment methods in order to make a donation?

    Payment is accepted via PayPal or credit card, directly linked to the youtuber's PayPal account, aooand does not retain any amount on the donation. The only fees are those applied by PayPal.

    4.5 How can I receive a donation?

    In order to receive donations, you need to be a YouTuber join to aooand.

    4.6 Should I issue a receipt for donations I receive?

    An invoice is not required for donations of moderate value. We recommend that you verify this information with respect to the current legislation of the country in which you reside.

    4.7 Any commission is due to aooand on donations?

    No commission is due to aooand on donations, the only fees are those directly applied by PayPal.